Almost here!

For the last few months I’ve been off and on planning what to do next with regards to my products. Where to sell, how to sell and how to manage the logistics! A lot on my mind and I did get the 2 bestest weavers I could’ve asked for – Abok(my grandmom) and my mother! My mother it turns out hasn’t forgotten the craft of weaving and kudos to her for her relentless search for the perfect colours and best quality cotton. She’s always springing new surprises on me…like the fact that she made amazing bags out of newspaper & jute strings! Photo below:

Bag it

So the next batch of towels are ready to be shipped. Hooray! And they look fantastic. I got a glimpse of them over really poor network coverage and shaky camera work but just enough so that I saw 8 great designs. Cant wait for them to be here so that I can finally organise a pop up shop! It’ll take a while as logistics are a bit skewed at the moment but they’ll get here very soon.

Watch this space. Hmmm time for some super product photography lessons I think!

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