A little bit about me

In prayers


Apart from being a total enjoyer of art, crafts, textiles,food and silly things and a mother, I do suffer from verbal diarrhoea. This blog is my way of sharing my experiences and trials and hopefully triumphs too in this journey of bringing Manipuri home textiles to as many people as I can. I’m originally from Manipur but have lived outside the state for the longest time which has made me appreciate the beauty and bounty of the region a tad bit more without being obsessive (I try).

I’m passionate about where I come from and the potential the region holds with respect to tourism and its handlooms heritage. My grandmother (Abok) and my parents have been instrumental in making me appreciate & understand my cultural legacy. I have a background in textile design & development and can’t seem to stop talking about how amazing the northeastern part of India really is despite its insurgent unrest.

I’ll be updating about my travels to Manipur & other states in Northeastern India and hope to share the stories that’ll come along the way about the people, the textiles, crafts and the cultures.

Thank you.


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