Finding my voice with Finding The Voices

A new day beckons and new opportunities await subtly egging me on. Thats the way I felt after the very charming Monica Ingudam interviewed me for her podcast Finding the Voices. Finding the Voices(FtV) is an endeavour to present the voices of people of Manipur to a global audience and I was truly honoured and absolutely delighted when Monica asked me to be one of the guest speakers in her show!

Here’s the link for the podcast interview :

I watched the final edited interview while I was feeling a little low but by the end of it, I was re-energised to get back right up and keep going on this journey. I hope that by speaking about Kone Wovens, I’ll be able to raise more awareness of Manipuri textiles and it’ll in turn inspire more weavers in Manipur to return to their looms.

Thank you Finding The Voices for listening to mine!


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