The other day I was sharing the usual cuppa with a dear friend and she asked me about what I’d call my venture. I related how confused I was about it as I wanted the name to come easy on everyone’s lips whereas still maintaining its uniqueness from whence it sprung. All she asked me was what was the loom called in Manipuri(my native language) & voila! The one simple yet unique name was right there… Kone. It also interestingly means a vessel. The simplicity of it couldn’t escape us and I’ll always be grateful to my friend for finding this ventures’ name.

‘Kone’ embodies the spirit of the venture. Its part of every household in Manipur and is an inherited way of life and living for almost all women in the region. It is the ‘vessel’ that contains and maintains an ancient tradition that I feel should be protected.

Turns out that there are plenty of websites out there with the same name including a well renowned elevator making company and a footballer too but I can safely say that its not the same thing. It’s also terribly easy to pronounce… just like a cone! It has such a happy association and ring to it, doesn’t it?

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