More treasures from Northeastern India

Every trip to NE India meant I could go looking for craft & textiles products and there were always amazing items on sale each time. Here are some I from my last visit. The stoles were woven in Nagaland but sadly the lady at the shop wouldn’t tell which part of Nagaland from. They were a tad bit secretive. Oh well, I’m sure they had their reasons.


Stoles woven on back strap looms from Nagaland. Traditional shawl patterns were used to create the stoles which are a relatively newer kind of product.


Gorgeous brass head pendant bead necklace from Nagaland. The brass head till a few decades ago signified mortal victories in tribal wars.


Gorgeous wallets from Guwahati, Assam, made using beautiful Assamese textiles. Assam has a wealth of textiles like no other. Apart from the fact that they produce the most incredible muga & eri silk items, the state has an amazing diversity in cotton textiles and cane crafts too.

I’m sure there are many entrepreneurs and craftspeople in this region who will in the near future forge ahead and give their craft a rightful place. And I’m really looking forward to it happening soon!

Here I’d like to mention three entrepreneurs who have made a positive impact in and for textiles and crafts from this region. WOuld love to hear about more so please feel free to add to the list :-
~ MORA by Ritika :

~ NEST by Arpit Agarwal :…

~ XUTA by Shilpi Mahendroo :

Three cheers to these fabulous people making a difference!

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